Summer & Fall 2020

Parkland Community Education

Arts & Crafts Classes - Parkland College

Palette Knife Florals

Date:    Tuesday, July 7 - August 11 (six weeks)

Time:   6-8:45pm

Level:  Beginner/Intermediate


Painting The Still Life

Date:   Thursday, July 16 - August 13 (five weeks)

Time:   6-8:45 pm

Level:  Beginner/Intermediate


Digital Painting With I-Pads

Date:  Thursday, September 10 - October 1 (four weeks)

Time:   1:00-4:30pm

Level: Computer Familiarity


Light and Color

Date:  Monday, September 14 - October 19

Time:   6-8:45pm

Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Springer Cultural Center


Exploration in Genres

Date:   Wednesday, September 16 - October 21

Time: 6:00-8:45pm

Level:             Beginner/ Intermediate

Cost: $150

In this six-week course, students will have the opportunity to sample a classic mix of painting genres:  still life and landscape painting. Three weeks will be spent on each subject and students will work on small canvases and simple compositions. The basics of color mixing and paint handling will be addressed. New students can expect a materials list of approx. $120 while existing painters may need to augment their current supplies.


Experimental Drawing

Date:  Tuesday, November 3 - December 15

Time:  6-8pm

Level:  Beginner/Intermediate

Cost:  $110

If you are enthused about learning to draw or want to expand your skills, this class will allow you to explore a variety of approaches through an experimental lens. You will work with line, tone, texture, shape, and space and learn about composition.  Projects include drawing from observation as well as from your imagination and students will work with a variety of materials.  Supply list of approximately $30.