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Artist Statement

Painting is a way of visualizing my ideas or what I am thinking about or responding to in my daily life. Subjects for my paintings come from my immediate surroundings and are selected because of an affinity for them. Oil is my favored medium because of its long lasting working qualities and plasticity. My palette reflects a personal preference for muted blues, pinks, greens, and oranges. My brushstroke is primarily gestural, which is to say it is similar to handwriting in leaving behind a wake of various widths and emotional suggestions.  It has been described as having intensity. While not intentional it seems to be an inherent quality in how I paint and eventually influences the look and character of the painting.  The experimental aspect of painting  (e.g., the economy of brushstroke, the viscosity of paint, the speed of application, the variety of techniques) interests me and contributes to the content.  Because of this my work may acquire a dual identity, often a formal physical look and an additional psychological meaning. The challenges and decision-making that come with painting captivate me.  Curiosity and a need to explore are at the heart of my practice.



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